Wedding Tips And Tricks

A few things I have learned along the way in my journey as a wedding planner and former bride :-)
(quoted by myself or other authors)

1)Do an engagement shoot. Get to know and love the camera & photographer long before your big day.

2)Favors will be wasted unless they’re useful, charitable or edible.

3)Don’t EVER regret your wedding gown. It will haunt you long after the aisle is cleared.

4)Venue coordinators are not Wedding Planners. The two are mutually exclusive. A venue coordinator is just for the venue and a wedding planner works solely for their client. Always know who the person that is in charge of your special day works for.

5)Always do a menu tasting with your Caterer. Don’t leave a memorable meal to chance.

6)The cheapest deal may cost you more in the long run.

7)Allow extra time in your schedule for hair & makeup. It takes longer than you think.

8)Grooms should ALWAYS carry a pocket square for wiping the bride’s tears.

9)Photographers capture a moment. Cinematographers capture an experience.

10)Veils will never go out of style and most will never feel quite as much like a bride without this bridal icing.

11)Make sure your wedding meal is spectacular – guests remember food when it was good or bad. Just being OK is easily forgotten.